Grease Trap Cleaning Miami – Dirty Job

We may have found the dirtiest job in Miami and its all about keeping restraunts running smooth with grease trap cleaning. All restraunts have grease traps. What is a grease trap you might ask? It is a tank that traps all the grease and food particles from the kitchen sinks, floor drains, and the dishwasher. It is there to prevent all that grease and food waste from clogging the city sewer lines.

Grease traps have to be pumped & cleaned frequently to prevent a sewage backup in the kitchen. They are cleaned out with large vacuum trucks. Today we got to tag along with a locally family owned grease trap service company as they pumped out grease traps primarily in Miami.

grease trap

Our first stop was at a restaurant in Miami. The grease trap was desperate for a good cleaning.grease trap full

The grease trap was neglected and the grease caused a blockage in the plumbing lines. They stuck the hose from the truck into the tank and started pumping. Water was added with a pressure washer to cut up the grease.

The picture below shows the grease trap clean.grease trap cleaned


Another job well done. That day they proceeded to do 3 more jobs in Miami Beach, North Miami, and Coral Gables. When they were done pumping they went to dump the truck at the treatment plant in Key Biscayne.


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