Who should pay for new stadiums? Not the Public!

A very controversial topic in sports today is who should pay for new stadiums. The reason it is so controversial is owners threaten to move teams if the public doesn’t finance them, even though, many times the public unfairly bears the brunt of the financing of a new stadium. This is no different in Miami, as the new Sun Life Stadium would be unfair to the public, and would hurt the citizens and businesses more than it would help them.

The bed tax that the government wants to levee to finance the new stadium would hurt Miami more, since hotel rooms will become more expensive, so it will lose some appeal as a cheap vacation destination. The people who suffer from this are not going to be the people who will be enjoying the new stadium. House maids, bell hops, and front desk help are going to be pinched the most by this, because there will be less work for them. Further, there is a larger wave that will hurt stores, restaurants, and other entities that make money off of tourists. Once more, many of these people are not going to be enjoying the benefits either.The thing that should happen is that team owners should pay for the new stadium. Whether this is taking money from their own pocket, getting a loan from a mega-bank, or raising ticket prices slightly, it needs to happen through them. This ensures that the people who will enjoy and benefits from the stadium take the brunt of the cost, and it will cause them to be more responsible for what they are asking for.

Also, team owners bought the team, and that includes the stadium that the individual now owns as well. Expecting the government to pay for a private business to renovate sounds exceptionally weird, and wrong, because in no other form of business does this actually happen. If you as a business owner don’t have a good location or store for your business then you have to worry about that, and you can’t go to the government and ask for them to tax everyone to help you pay for your new store. Sports teams should be no different, especially since everyone doesn’t enjoy the benefits, unlike a road, or park. Owners need to be held responsible for building new stadiums, no the average person.

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