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Industrial Renovations In Port Of Miami

The port of Miami is getting more than a face-lift, it is re-engineering its systems for tourism, business, transportation and trade. Port development is comprised of initiatives termed “large capital projects.” The colossal undertaking is a collaborative effort between federal, state and private-sector contractors. The projects are estimated to increase revenue from $18 billion to […]



Who should pay for new stadiums? Not the Public!

A very controversial topic in sports today is who should pay for new stadiums. The reason it is so controversial is owners threaten to move teams if the public doesn’t finance them, even though, many times the public unfairly bears the brunt of the financing of a new stadium. This is no different in Miami, […]



Grease Trap Cleaning Miami – Dirty Job

We may have found the dirtiest job in Miami and its all about keeping restraunts running smooth with grease trap cleaning. All restraunts have grease traps. What is a grease trap you might ask? It is a tank that traps all the grease and food particles from the kitchen sinks, floor drains, and the dishwasher. […]